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Video Camera Sewer Pipe Inspection Highland Park, IL

Feltner Sewer in Highland Park, IL has been using video camera inspections to determine the condition of sewer pipes for over 15 years.  It is a valuable tool which helps give you a fully detailed look at the interior of your pipes.  The most common form of leakage and destruction to one’s pipe is root damage from trees or vegetation.  It is very popular for roots to puncture a terra cotta pipe or a corroded cast iron pipe.  When a homeowner has a clog in their drain, typically they would call their local plumber and have it snaked.  However, this may only take care of the short term issue.  If you do not get your pipes looked at and know what is going on underground, you could have serious long term damage to your pipes, and will spend even more money replacing or relining them.

A video inspection is an efficient way to truly see what is going on within your pipes.  Pipes come in many different sizes.  It is impossible for a human body to get themselves inside your pipes and determine the damage.  These waterproof cameras have a scope that goes down the pipe and can turn all around the pipe to really see what is going on.  Another great thing is that you will receive a permanent copy, either a cd or usb, of your sewer inspection.  It is great to have if you are eventually going to resell your home.

There are many things that can happen to a pipe through time and age.  Even a hairline fracture can turn into a huge problem if not detected.  It is just a smarter way to keep your home safe and free from any future sewer complications.  Everyone has to repair their sewer.  You can’t just leave it alone and hope the problem will go away.  It is not a matter of if, but simply when you will have to fix it.

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