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Can Trenchless CIPP Method Repair Sewer and Pipes without Digging?

Part of being a homeowner is dealing with repairs, some of which can be expensive. One of the most common pricey home repairs that people come across is sewer line and plumbing damage. Not only does a leaking, burst, or cracked pipe lead to possible structural damage of your home and its contents, but certain repair methods can actually destroy your yard itself. We’ve all heard of someone needing to have a crew come in to dig up their yard, find a main line, and fix a plumbing or sewer issue. It’s a huge hassle, a huge expense, and some homeowners even put off much needed repairs because they don’t want to deal with it. Procrastinating on repairs only worsens plumbing and sewer line problems and increases the severity of the damage, so it’s best to seek an alternative. Trenchless repair methods are available to most homeowners and don’t require excavation of your yard. Trenchless pipe repair, especially cured in place pipe (CIPP), can repair sewer lines and pipes without digging.

How It Works

Trenchless CIPP repair is an efficient way to replace worn and old plumbing and sewer lines without digging up the surface of a property. Professional technicians run a new liner through the damaged pipes, and as it expands the new pipe is cured where the old one sits — this is why it’s called cured in place pipe. After it’s set, the new pipe is strong, well formed, and able to be used immediately.

Digital Inspection

One of the reasons that CIPP trenchless repair doesn’t require excavation is technicians and workers don’t have to dig into the ground to see the plumbing problem. Instead, they run a small digital camera into your plumbing or sewer system to get a close look and see the obstruction or extent of the damage. Digital cameras are also used while the cured in place pipe is installed to ensure accuracy.

Benefits of CIPP

Aside from the huge benefit of not having your yard excavated and destroyed, there are many other advantages to using CIPP technology and trenchless pipe repair:

-Cured in place pipe and other trenchless repair methods are less expensive than traditional pluming and sewer line replacement. The need for less workers, less heavy equipment, and less time equals significant savings. You’ll also save money by not having to replace your garden, driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping.

-CIPP is safer for crews and anyone on your property. Traditional repair and replacement methods that call for excavation last for several days to a week, and call for your yard to basically be in shambles for a length of time. While repairs are going on, it’s a hazard to you, your pets, and even the workers as it’s easier to fall into the digging area or be injured by the equipment. With CIPP, there is no heavy digging and work can be completed much faster, so everyone involved stays safer.

-Trenchless repair is long lasting. The replacement liner run into your old, damaged plumbing and lines is very durable and will last for decades. It’s less susceptible to cracking and breaking, and can withstand a greater amount of pressure.

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