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What to Do When That Strange Smell Comes from Your Sewer in Kenosha, WI?

Being the fourth largest city in Wisconsin, Kenosha is highly populated and this means the sewer lines will always be under pressure to serve this population. It is normal for your sewer lines to break when so many people use it. But it is important to always take precautions when a fault with your lines comes to your attention. So, what should a home owner do when that strange smell comes from the sewer in Kenosha, WI?

Dry drain

One of the main causes of that awful smell coming from the basement is as a result of dry drain. In most cases, there will be water trap under a drain, tub or basin that has dried up because no one has used it for some time. It is important to understand that water under unused drains will always evaporate with time. This means that the sewer will have space to let the gas out into the room.

So, what should a home owner do when this happens to his sewer? Simply dump a bucket of water into the drain. They can also add a few spoons of oil into the drain. This will float and keep it from evaporating so fast. Also keep on checking the drains even when you don’t intend to use it soon. This is to make sure it is never dry.

Missing plug

Open the drain and check for cleanout plug. Lift the grate that covers the opening and ensure that there is a plug in the bowl. If it is missing, then it means the bad odor will have direct pass.

To deal with this, just make sure the plug is always in place. Sometimes it is removed when sewer & drain cleaning the lines and not replaced. Home owners can always buy it at hardware stores. Fixing it shouldn’t be a problem. But always contact an expert if you completely have no idea of how to go about it.

Dry toilet trap

Although this is unlikely, but in some cases the water in the toilet can also evaporate. This is normally the case when the washroom is not used for weeks. But the solution to this is simple, just flush to regain the water.

Bad wax ring

A bad wax ring between the flange and the base of your toilet could be another culprit. This ring in most cases can leak because of rocking toilet that has broken seals. When there is leakage in the seal, the odor will also find its way out into the house.

To fix this problem, Home owners will have to replace the ring. Although this may seem like an easy task, it is important that home owners seek professional intervention just to ensure the fault is fixed completely.

Broken sewer line

A broken sewer line is more serious than any other fault mentioned above. This means in needs the services of a professional plumber to fix. Loose connection joints buried in walls or in the ceiling can also let out that strange smell. So, when property owners notice odor from broken sewer lines, contact one of the many companies in Kenosha, WI.

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