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Are sewer and pipe camera inspections in Antioch?

The use of micro technology is everywhere in our daily lives. Anyone who has a smartphone can see how small the video camera is, but gives high quality pictures and videos. Plumbers nationwide have this micro technology available to them in CCTV units and use it to inspect sewer lines and pipes for residential, municipal, industrial, and commercial systems.

What is CCTV?

A CCTV, or Closed Circuit TV, unit has become the standard for inspecting pipes and sewer lines in place pf rodding for a number of reasons. The method has become so commonplace that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instructions and standards for plumbing companies to follow. The guidelines are intended to make sure CCTV inspection is both safe and practical for the customer in Antioch.


There are a number of advantages to CCTV inspections over more traditional methods.

Cost effective – Camera inspections are inexpensive when compared to other methods, especially when the problem is moderate to severe.

Simple – Regardless of how severe the line problem is, a CCTV unit can quickly and accurately determine the problem and give the plumber a starting point for repair.

Disruption-free – There is no digging required in most cases, which means that the owner’s property will remain intact during and after the procedure.

Accuracy – The camera can slowly move through the pipe and send information that can be missed using other methods.

Recorded – A video record is made for use by the plumber to both closely inspect the pipe line and as a physical record of the work that needs to be done.

These advantages are especially important for long term property owners, such as homeowners. Knowing there is a long term record of the work and a long term solution to the problem saves the owner time and money in the long run.

A Long Term Solution

Choosing a reputable company with qualified professionals such as Smith Plumbing in Antioch to care for your pipes and sewer lines maximizes these advantages. It will be a one call solution to all your plumbing problems.

Not just any plumbing company can conduct camera inspections. Specialized training in the expert use of the equipment and professional certification is required. These standards are designed to make sure customers get the same value for their services and the company using CCTV equipment meet the EPA standards of quality.

Basic Operation

The basic operation of the CCTV inspection is for the plumber to gain access to a section of the pipe. A crawler, a specially designed camera unit on wheels that is also equipped with lighting, is dropped into the pipeline. A remote control device is used to guide the crawler through the pipeline and send images to the plumber above ground. Because the camera on the crawler is able to inspect all sides of the pipe and zoom in where there are suspected trouble spots, it is a more accurate inspection than human eyes.

Camera inspections are not designed to completely solve the problem in severe cases of pipeline blockages. For example, if the crawler is unable to move through a blockage to inspect the rest of the pipeline, the blockage will first have to be removed to continue inspecting the pipe.

Call Us

More information about how a CCTV camera inspection can benefit you is available from your professional plumbing company. Smith Plumbing has the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions and discuss the best solution to your sewer line and pipe problems. Keep in mind that the available technology offers you the opportunity for a long term, permanent solution. Calling Smith Plumbing in Antioch for an appointment is the first step to worry-free plumbing on your property.

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