Video Sewer Line Inspection

sewer_camera_inspection_feltnersThe latest technology allows plumbing companies to perform a sewer inspection without having to dig or do anything else that requires a major landscape repair or other type of repair. A sewer inspection using a camera can get to the deepest parts of your sewer and find exactly what is wrong with it. The camera is capable of sending high resolution images or video directly to the operator, who can then determine where your sewer issue is and the most appropriate method to fix it.

Always use video inspection when possible

A sewer inspection with video is almost always preferable because it can find the exact cause of the problem a lot faster than other methods. Video inspections are a great way to get a lot of information about the issue as quickly as possible, whether it is a clog, tree root invasion, a broken pipe, corrosion or more. Video inspection can be performed in a matter of minutes, while other types of inspection can take several hours, costing the homeowner or the business owner a lot more than necessary. As a result, it’s worth it for homeowners and business owners to work with a company that has video sewer inspection equipment.

Video inspection can catch problems

The side benefit of a video inspection is that it will often catch problems with your sewer that you weren’t anticipating. For example, as the camera is making its way toward the problem you are trying to fix, the operator will look for other problems with the sewer line. Other issues might include tree roots, corrosion, broken parts of the pipe, obstructions, grease buildup, and more. Once any side issues are identified, they can be dealt with preventatively without having to wait until they build up over time and cause more costly damage.

A video inspection may be necessary if you have sewer problems

The cost of a video inspection is quite minimal compared to the cost of having to deal with water damage from a backed up drain line and other plumbing repairs. It’s well worth the money to get a video inspection if you suspect that you have a problem with your sewer or drain lines, such as a slow drain, clogged drain, backed up sewage, strange smells or other issues. For more information about how a video inspection can identify and diagnose any problems that you have with your sewer line or other pipes in your plumbing system, contact Feltner’s Sewer and Drain today at 1-866-FELTNER.

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