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Storm Drain Lining

What are the Benefits of a Storm Drain Lining?

A storm drain lining can be used to repair your storm drain, and this type of repair can be a major convenience rather than having to replace the entire storm drain. A storm drain lining essentially allows the existing storm drain to remain in place, while an epoxy (or other material) pipe liner is installed inside of it to repair any broken areas of the storm drain. A storm drain lining can even save you money in some cases on the cost of a full storm drain replacement, as there may be parts of your storm drain that are salvageable.

Storm drain lines often deteriorate

One major problem with storm drain lines is the fact that they deteriorate at a rate faster than other types of drain lines. This is because they often have a more rapid rate of deterioration than other materials due to their excessive usage. Sand and water can cause metal or concrete drain lines to break down and corrode, which in turn allows for sand and other materials to infiltrate them, clog them, and reduce or obstruct their functioning.

Storm drain linings can be installed on many different types of storm drains

An epoxy or other type of storm drain lining can be fairly easily installed on storm drains and other types of drains, and it doesn’t take much time or effort with the latest technology. An epoxy pipe lining can essentially be sprayed on or installed with a pipe liner soaked in epoxy, and the installation is very fast and convenient because drain linings do not require a trench. Drains that are up to 60 inches in diameter can be coated with a drain liner, and the drains can also be several hundred feet long.

Lining pipes is more cost effective

Replacing storm drains entirely is very expensive in most cases compared to lining them. It can be up to 75% more expensive or even more to entirely replace storm drains, depending on the severity of damage and how expensive the new material will be. A storm drain lining is often much more cost effective, and it can provide the same or similar results as an entirely new storm drain. For more information about a storm drain lining and to find out whether or not it is a good option to repair your drain, speak to an expert at Feltner’s Sewer & Drain today by calling 1-866-FELTNER.

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