Pipe Bursting

pipe_bursting_feltnerPipe bursting is a method of replacing and renewing pipelines without having to dig a trench. When an underground pipe needs to be replaced, many people wonder about whether or not a trench needs to be dug because it can be a major inconvenience. Digging a trench requires a lot of effort and can majorly or permanently damage a well-designed landscape or other outdoor features. Digging a trench to replace a pipe can also disrupt the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, which can be an added inconvenience in an area that is heavily used.

Pipe bursting only requires small holes to be dug

Pipe bursting is a method to replace an underground pipe. It fractures the pipe from the inside and removes the old or deteriorated pipe. After the existing pipe is fractured, a new pipe is installed and slid into place. A pipe bursting head is used to burst the existing pipe. There are several different types of systems that can be used for pipe bursting including static pull systems, pneumatic systems, and more. The method is almost always preferable, along with other trenchless pipe replacement methods because of the convenience and ability to avoid a surface excavation.

A surface excavation takes significantly more time

Excavating an area requires extra equipment and makes any project take a lot more time. The reason why methods like pipe bursting and pipe lining were developed was because of the major inconvenience and difficulties associated with digging a trench. Surface excavations add more time to any pipe repair project, and most importantly they even cost more money in many cases. The latest technology has made pipe bursting a lot faster than ever before, making it a great option for pipe repairs in many cases.

Not every company specializes in pipe bursting

If you are interested in pipe bursting for your next underground pipe repair, you should speak with a qualified company like Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Service. Feltner’s can help you with your next pipe repair and we can recommend the most appropriate method whether it is pipe bursting, pipe lining, or another type of repair. You shouldn’t just hire any company that has the equipment, but you should make sure that they are appropriately licensed and that they have the experience with pipe bursting to ensure that your repair project goes smoothly and that the repair will last. Contact Feltner’s today at 1-866-FELTNER for more information about pipe bursting or to ask any questions that you have.

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