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Drain Cleaning

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Pipe and drain cleaning services promote drain and water pipeline systems in homes across Illinois to be efficient and smooth-running for long periods of time. At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we not only rely on our drain cleaning equipment to remove blockages, but also as preventative care to prevent clogs from forming again in the near future.

With over 15 years of experience serving the communities in Illinois, we strive to keep our customers satisfied with our high-quality services. Family owned and operated, we know how important your home or business is to you and we will fix any problems you may have in the most efficient way possible. To achieve this, our services are designed to be fast and effective, saving you time and money while not destroying your property or landscaping.

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The Signs Of A Clogged Drain Line That Needs To Be Cleaned

When a drain becomes clogged, you may notice slow drainage, standing water, foul smells, or in worse cases raw sewage, waste water, and other unsanitary debris may back up into your yard. These problems can all be diagnosed accordingly by our experts during our initial camera inspection. Not only do we look for clogs with our cameras, but we also complement the session with leak detection steps to ensure that we find the problem quickly and diagnose it accurately.

  • Slowly Draining Sinks Slow drainage and standing water may seem like a mere inconvenience but can actually become much more of a problem if not addressed as soon as it is noticed. The pressure from the standing or blocked drainage may cause the pipes to burst, resulting in a need for more intensive solutions than a simple drain cleaning.

  • Strong Sewage Odors When a drain is clogged, you may notice a foul odor coming from your sinks. This is due to mold or bacteria that have built up inside of the pipe on the clog that may cause sickness inside your home or business.

  • Water & Sewage Backups In more extreme cases or cases where a simple clog was not addressed, you may experience raw wastewater, waste, and other materials that back up into your yard, basement, or through the sinks and showers inside of your home or business. This can be a major health hazard if left unchecked, and if it isn’t fixed in time, it can be a disastrous emergency that would require expensive fixes.

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How We Keep The Pipeline Cleaning Process Safe & Eco-Friendly In Illinois

If you have an emergency, we will be there within 90 minutes or less. No matter when you call, our services are available 247 so you never have to worry about being caught in an emergency situation. We have the latest in technology without digital sewer video cameras so we will be able to diagnose any and all sewer line problems without digging. Because of these inspections, all of our work is 100% guaranteed and our repair liners come with a lifetime factory warranty.

At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we are proud to avoid using chemical cleaners. Not only are the chemicals found in these liquid solutions harmful to a person’s lungs and skin, but it also adds to the degradation of the piping system, causing them to wear down and become more fragile and susceptible to cracks and breaks. Instead, we rely on safe, pure water to clean out the pipes effectively.

We practice hydro jetting as our primary and safe method for cleaning drains and water pipes effectively. Our specialists utilize a highly pressurized stream of hot water that will clean out any clogs, sludge, or other debris that is causing a clog or may cause one in the future. This system is safe and non-dangerous. It will not harm your system further like chemical cleaners and it works on even the toughest clogs. Hydro jetting does not require any digging or mess and we can generally access the pipe through one entry point. Because of this, hydro jetting will produce great results and save you money in the long run.

Our specialists will not only clean your drain, but they will also be able to inspect it to determine if there are any other problems. If you have experienced repeated clogs, there is likely an underlying problem, and with professional guidance you will have the knowledge you need to make the best decision on what to do next. There may be more going on that you cannot see and the faster it is addressed, the less likely you are to have an emergency.

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Schedule Annual Residential Drain & Water Pipeline Cleaning Services In Illinois and Wisconsin

When our technicians clean your pipe, they are also checking for any underlying issues that may be causing it. Not only can drain cleaning work be relied on to remove obvious, immediate complications such as backups caused by clogs, but it can also be an effective solution and maintenance procedure for preventing further accidents and problems in the future.

We can clean away excess waste accumulation along the walls as well, and by restoring the smoothness of the inside of the pipe and removing debris, we can ensure that clogs will be much less likely to form inside of the water pipelines. Scheduling an annual drain cleaning will ensure you are knowledgeable about what is going on in your piping system so that you will have the peace of mind that everything is working well.

Call Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services For Fast Pipe & Drain Line Cleaning Services Today!

At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we are a company that is bonded and insured to conduct our work safely. We are proud to offer safe and reliable methods of cleaning the water pipes and drain lines in your home effectively, and we take pride in the no-dig, eco-friendly qualities and benefits that our services offer the residents of Illinois. For the best work quality at the greatest value, Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services is the best option. Call us today for excellent, high-quality your pipe and drain cleaning services.

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