Drain Cleaning

drain cleaningDrain cleaning is necessary as a maintenance step or to remove a blockage, and in recent years drain cleaning has evolved to use modern tools and techniques that can remove clogs faster than ever before. Drain cleaning can be used as a preventative measure in drains that are regularly clogged, or it can be used for drains that were recently clogged. Some of the types of drains that can become regularly clogged include both residential and commercial kitchen drains, tub drains, shower drains, and several other types.

Shower and tub drains can often get clogged

Every type of drain has their own maintenance issues that go with them. For example, shower and tub drains are often clogged by hair, soap residue and other compounds or chemicals that are regularly flushed down the tub or shower. A professional drain cleaning service can use specialized equipment to clear out a shower or tub drain and ensure that it works adequately. A drain cleaning service can also advise you on how to maintain a shower or tub that is repeatedly clogged, including tips on how to prevent hair clogs using a drain cover or other methods of proper waste disposal.

Kitchen sink drains often get clogged

Another type of drain that is commonly clogged is the kitchen sink drain. People often dump grease and the wrong chemicals down kitchen sink drains, which in turn can cause a wide range of different problems including clogs at any point down the line. Kitchen drains often require drain cleaning, especially kitchens that are frequently used such as commercial kitchens. Preventative drain cleaning is also often recommended for drains that are often used or often clogged, and a professional drain cleaning company can advise you on whether or not you need preventative cleaning or other maintenance.

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Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Service is a leading provider of drain cleaning, both to open drains and to prevent clogs in the future, and they can fix your home or your business’s drain and get it back up and running again quickly. Feltner’s can ensure that your home or business’s plumbing system is always operational as much as possible. For more information about the service, contact them today at 1-866-FELTNER and learn how preventative drain cleaning and other types of drain maintenance can help to ensure that your drains operate at all times.

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