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Basics of Trenchless Pipe Repair Milwaukee

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Trenchless solutions are the most effective method of pipe repair and replacement. No-dig methods pipe cleaning, repair, and replacement such as hydro jetting, cured-in-place pipe lining, and pipe bursting are highly efficient, non-destructive and most of all, more accurate than traditional plumbing methods. At Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services, our highly-trained and experienced technicians can carry out pipeline fixes without having to upheave or expose your landscape destroying its beauty.

In the past, trenchless pipe repair and replacement was used only for road construction. Today, residential, commercial, and municipal properties throughout Milwaukee can have their lines serviced quickly and efficiently. Trenchless pipe repair is the most viable option for pipe repair in Illinois.

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Camera Inspection

Most residential, municipal, and commercial pipes are often located underground and out of sight. Because of this, it’s quite impossible to see your pipe’s state and condition until problems start occuring. Video inspections using high-definition waterproof cameras that can go directly inside of your pipes have revolutionized the plumbing industry as a whole. Using the latest equipment and inspection techniques, home and business owners can have one of our expert technicians at Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services check your sewer lines easily and quickly.

There are many reasons to call a professional to perform a sewer camera inspection on your property, but the following list of situations help home and business owners know when it is time to use sewer camera inspection to inspect your pipelines.

Signs Of Sewer Trouble

At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, experiencing a steady flow of plumbing irritations like foul odors emanating from the drain, blockages, and slow-working drains, can be a serious inconvenience. No matter what kind of problems you are having, they should not be taken lightly. Oftentimes, small sewer and drain problems can turn into a major problem that leaves customers with costly repairs and replacement of their pipelines.

Regular Sewer Camera Inspection

Scheduling a sewer camera inspection for Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services can reveal structural weaknesses in your plumbing system and prevent issues from becoming full-blown emergencies. You can save thousands of dollars in preventing losses, property damage and subsequent repairs.

Inspect When Buying a New Property

Have a camera inspection done prior to buying a house to get a more educated decision. After the results, you can plan for repairs or negotiate for a lower price knowing the state of the plumbing.

Stay Proactive about Your Drain Health

Sewer inspections guarantee peace of mind. If you’re experiencing slower pressure or anything unusual, like mysterious wet spots in the yard or lawn, sewage smells coming from the drain or constant backups, call Feltner’s and have an expert technician conduct a comprehensive inspection of your lines, resulting in an accurate diagnosis.

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Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can appear in several ways and can be the result of the following:


The best way to know if there’s a leak around your property is to shut off the water main and check the water meter. Is it moving when you’re not using water or any fixture?Then it’s a sure sign that you have a leak. In order to determine its exact location, you’ll need the help of a camera inspection service. Once found, our technicians will be able to recommend the best solution.

Root Intrusion

Roots from nearby trees and shrubs are living organisms, constantly searching for nourishment underground. They can invade sections of your pipe by entering the weak points such as cracks throughout your pipe system. When there are cracks in your pipes, tree roots grow towards moisture that leaks from your pipe system and begin to live within it and around it.


Clogs can form due to accumulation of dirt, hair, debris, and more as they are flushed down the drains. Commercial establishments that serve food like diners, restaurants, and fast food shops use their drains each day, thus requiring constant maintenance and cleaning.

Ground Shifting

Your pipes are under constant pressure from shifting, freezing, and settling soil, making them crack, break apart of develop holes in the process.

Aging Pipes

Normal wear and tear can be the source of plumbing issues. If the property is older in years, it is time to consider having the lines inspected for possible repairs or replacements.

Outdated Pipes

Older homes will likely have pipe materials made of iron. While this is a durable material, it’s prone to deposits that inhibit flow and cause backups. Rusting, corrosion, and pinhole leaks can also develop as you use your plumbing everyday.

Improperly Installed Systems

There’s also the possibility that inferior workmanship was involved in the installation of your sewer lines, or that the material used was of inferior quality.

Our technicians are experts when it comes to drain cleaning. Using the latest tools and years of knowledge, we’ll find out the source of the problem. Whether it’s calcified deposits, grease, or food debris or accumulation of dirt, soil, sand, and dirt or invading tree roots.

Revealing Vital Details Through Sewer Camera Inspection

Our trained technicians at Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we use the latest high-definition cameras to conduct a visual inspection of your whole sewer system and its interior piping. Visual feedback eliminates any and all guesswork when we feed the camera into the pipes and navigate through it using a flexible fiber optic line. The sewer camera or sewer transporter can fit into any pipe diameter and the flexible rod the camera attaches to can move through the best pipe systems. We can pinpoint exactly what the problem is, and therefore can come up with an accurate diagnosis. Furthermore, we can take note of important details such as the severity of the damage, depth and pipe material. Using all that data we will recommend the best course of action to bring back your sewer lines to optimal working order.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a process that scours the inner walls of your pipe clean using only potable high-pressure water. This trenchless procedure eliminates most drain problems while restoring the original diameter and flow, essentially making your pipe good as new. At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, our specialty involves clearing out stubborn roots from nearby shrubs and trees while eliminating blockages and debris that have accumulated inside your lines.

The method of cleaning a pipe will depend on its circumference and material. Initial inspection will determine the options and cleaning tools that will be brought into play. At Feltner’s, we can clear clogs and blockages using industry-leading equipment. Hydro jetting is a long-term solution that can take care of a wide variety of plumbing problems. Traditional methods such as rodding, inserting a snake or an auger will only create a hole to allow passage. Drain chemicals may harm your pipes in the long run and cause environmental damage. It’s more than likely when using these methods that the same problem will occur in just a matter of weeks or even days because they do not viably solve your plumbing problems.

At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, our trained technicians use an eco-friendly method that uses pressurized water to disintegrate blockages and stubborn debris clinging to the inside of your pipes. When properly used, hydro jetting can scour all kinds of debris in your line, including dirt, scale, calcified deposits, rust and even roots from nearby shrubs and trees.

It’s of utmost importance that all debris should be flushed out to the municipal treatment plant for the issue to not occur again. Aside from clearing debris, odors, smells and even bacteria will be washed away, leaving your pipes in pristine condition.

Drain lines emanate a sort of unusual sewage smell when there’s something wrong inside the pipes. This means that residue is building up and there’s standing water, which should be cleared out right away. The hydro jetting procedure also precedes trenchless repairs and sets up the lining process.

Methods of Trenchless Pipe Repair at Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services

Just thinking about pipe repair is enough to stress out homeowners. Some traditional plumbing companies still offer Milwaukee customers outdated ways to repair broken, clogged, or ailing pipelines, which can cost a significant amount of time and money.

At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we have embraced trenchless technology, a no-dig solution for pipe repair problems that foregoes digging up of trenches to rehabilitate or replace broken pipe lines. Trenchless is better because it has the following benefits:

Trenchless Pipe Repair is Less Destructive to Your Landscape

Opting for trenchless means you won’t have to dig up your yard, lawn, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or garden which means there’s less damage to your landscaping. In trenchless technology, there’s only one or two small access points needed to carry out the procedure. Less manpower and no heavy machinery means you can save time and money when getting your sewer lines fixed, allowing you to get back on your day with little to no additional disruption.

Trenchless Technology is a Fast Method of Pipe Repair

Trenchless technology is faster than traditional methods of repair or replacement. This becomes advantageous for businesses as they won’t have to shut down operations for days or weeks on end. Our technicians can have your sewer lines operational within the day.

Trenchless Solutions Increase the Longevity of Your Pipelines

Trenchless can be used on virtually any pipe material, whether it be cast iron, clay, concrete or PVC. The new pipe material is more durable and can withstand common pipe problems. The seamless, jointless aspect means roots from nearby trees won’t be able to get in. More than that, the smoother material improves overall flow of your system.

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

For pipes that are weakened, corroded, cracked or have leaks or holes, our expert technicians recommend cured-in-place pipe lining or CIPP as the preferred method of repair.

CIPP restores the structural integrity of a section in your pipe without having to dig up and expose the problem line. Instead, our technicians find an available cleanout or access point to start the repair. A liner is introduced and makes its way to the faulty line, which can span from 4-inch diameters to public water mains that are a hundred inches or more. CIPP can lay hundreds of feet of new piping in just a few hours without causing major disruption as everything takes place inside the broken line.

During the trenchless process, our technicians make use of pressurized jetter equipment to clean the pipes of any foreign material and debris, dislodging it from the pipes. Once the pipe is clean, a liner is prepared via a felt tube that’s coated with a special kind of resin that sticks to the inner walls of your pipeline. The bladder is saturated with the epoxy mixture, which presses into the broken pipe using air pressure. In a few hours, the resin hardens and forms the inner pipe. The bladder is then deflated and removed, signaling the end of the trenchless repair.

Afterwards, a jointless wall is created inside the old pipe structure, sealing off leaks, cracks and rehabilitating the sewer line as a whole. Residential and commercial owners can opt for point repairs, which only serves to cover a particular section that needs rehabilitation. For example, if in a whole 300 foot section of an entire sewer line, only about 15 feet of it needs to be repaired our technicians prepare a tube of felt with an epoxy resin, position it inside the ailing section and cures it with the help of heat or steam.

At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we ensure complete attention to detail and unsurpassed workmanship when it comes to repairing your broken sewer lines using trenchless technology. That’s why when our work is finished we conduct a final camera inspection to ensure a job well done.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is the recommended method if your pipes are severely damaged or completely collapsed. This trenchless technology may be used on all kinds of service lines, including natural gas, water, and sewer systems. Two access points are required, acting as the entry and exit point when a new pipeline is fed. An expanding cone may be used to increase the pipe diameter if desired.

With the help of special bursting head, the old sewer pipe is fragmented and sent into the surrounding soil. The special bursting head leads the new pipe exactly along the same position as where the old line was. Performing the bursting in conjunction with pipe replacement is a seamless process that will leave you with satisfied results.

Call Your Local Industry Experts at Feltner’s to Assist with Your Trenchless Repair Today!

If your plumbing has failed and you don’t want your property or landscape to be destroyed, opt for trenchless technology. At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we can come up with the best solution to fix your problem without having to excavate your property. Our customers get the best possible service, including honest assessments, accurate recommendations, and long lasting solutions.

Taking preventive measures is one of the best ways to ward off plumbing emergencies. Regular sewer inspections can bring to light possible and existing issues with your sewer lines. At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we help our Milwaukee customers gain peace of mind knowing their pipes are in optimal condition and that there won’t be any plumbing disruptions in their everyday lives. Best of all, an inspection only takes a few hours and you’ll get the important details about your plumbing for future reference.

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