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Racine, Why is it time to replace your sewer pipes?

Racine, Why is it time to replace your sewer pipes?

If you are a homeowner and desire for your home to function properly, you may need to look into your sewer line.  Feltner’s Sewer and Drain can help you with all of your sewer needs.  One of the biggest investments you can put into your home is a sewer replacement. You are not only taking care of future problems, but you will give yourself peace of mind when your kitchen and bathrooms are working without any backups or plumbing issues.  There are a few reasons why it is so important to replace your sewer pipes: efficiency, cost, and trenchless technology.

A clogged sewer line will affect the efficiency of your sewer and overall operation of your home. Over time, especially in older homes, you may put off repairing or replacing your sewer line and will end up with a costly repair.  However, the ball is in your court.  Get your sewer checked out before you have a sewer problem.  Sewer repairs are much easier and less time consuming than a full sewer replacement.  It is much better to invest your time and money along the way to have it last as long as possible. A full sewer replacement is such an efficient way to keep your home running smoothly and you will be impressed at the difference it makes!

Obviously efficiency is key in a home, and cost is important in this days economy. While replacing your sewer line will cost you money up front, you will have a working sewer and will save money in the long run.  It is so much better to get your sewer replaced earlier than later.  Imagine how much more you will have to pay if you ignore your sewer and wait until your sewer line has collapsed.  Please call Feltner’s today and let their experts give you peace of mind.

Today there is a new and efficient technology known as trenchless sewer repair.  The trenchless pipe repair and replacement allows for a much easier and less invasive project.  The old and antiquated technology involves digging and excavating your property.  With the trenchless pipe replacement, you will have little to no mess and will save money and time in the future.  Though this method has been around over 10 years, 78% of Angie’s List survey respondents didn’t even know this kind of technology existed.  If you want to get your sewer looked at today for an estimate, please give Feltner’s a call, 844-335-5586. We would love to take care of your home and answer any questions or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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