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Why Do You Need Milwaukee Drain Cleaning?

Your drain system plays a critical role in cleanly and efficiently disposing of waste water. However, over time, contaminants will begin to collect in your drain and pipes, making it almost impossible for your drains to perform their crucial job. This is why you need Milwaukee draining cleaning services. The combination of experienced professionals along with the right tools will ensure that any blockages are handled with the expertise and skill necessary to get this job done quickly and efficiently.

Frequent Causes of Clogged and Blocked Drains

Although you may try your best to prevent it, your drains are almost certain to become blocked or clogged at some point in time. Some of the most common reasons include the buildup of food particles and grease in your kitchen sink drain, as well as the collection of hair and soap scum in bathtub drains. In addition, flushing items that don’t easily break down, such as baby wipes, Q-tips, or dental floss, can result in the collection of pieces and particles along the side of the drains, which will eventually result in a severe blockage.

Hard water, or water that has a high mineral content, is another frequent cause of clogs and blockages. Although it is a slow process, the water deposits solid materials along the sides of the drain, which hinders the flow of water and causes even more debris to collect.

Signs Your Drains Need to be Cleaned

There are several obvious warning signs that indicate your drains need to be professionally cleaned. For example, your bathtub or sinks may take longer and longer to drain. Eventually, they may not drain at all., leaving standing water. You may also notice a foul or sewage odor coming from the drain, especially in the kitchen, or even start to see fruit flies constantly flying around (they are drawn to the smell of a blocked drain). In some cases, you may hear a bubbling or gurgling sound, which indicates that waste water is trying to force its way through an occluded space.

To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to schedule routine professional drain cleaning for all of your home’s drains at least once a year. You should also schedule a professional cleaning when you first see any signs of a problem.

What Happens When Drains Go Uncleaned

If you put off having your drains cleaned, the blockage can become even more complex, eventually causing extensive damage to your drains that can be expensive and time consuming to repair. Also, standing water and/ or overflowing sinks can result in water damage to your property and belongings. Another complication that can occur when clogged/ blocked drains are not professionally cleaned is the backup of sewage, as well as the proliferation of various insects and flies that could carry bacteria with potential health risks.

If you can’t remember the last time you had your drains professionally cleaned or are experiencing signs of a potential problem, it is time to schedule your Milwaukee area drain cleaning.

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