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When do I Need Hydro Jetting Technology?

When do I Need Hydro Jetting Technology?

Homeowner concerns will vary according to the region of the country where you reside, and weather and environmental concerns among others. Sewer concerns in Highland Park Illinois will be different from those of other regions. We have to take into account the layout of the homes and the building materials when we consider maintenance so that we will choose the most viable Sewer & Drain cleaning technique.

Peculiarities of Highland Park which Affect Sewage

There are many arguments which support hydro jetting technology being used for sewer pipe cleaning in Highland Park Il. When you look at the age of the community you will see that it is a very old established area with the median value of its houses and condos being about $475,000. A wide range of materials have been utilized over the years to install plumbing for this older upscale community.

Sewer pipes installed before the 1970’s are prone to blockage. Given the age of the pipe materials a gentle yet 100% effective method needs to be used to keep them maintained. This makes the case for hydro jetting technology. Older pipes will also have denser deposits of sludge and thicker pockets of debris as well as tree roots which may have grown through them.

Highland Park Illinois residences have different types of drainage pipes installed. Clay pipes have been is use for centuries and are still being installed today because of their durability. These pipes are particularly prone to the infiltration of tree roots.

Cast iron pipes are strongest but most expensive. They are not utilized as much because of their high cost.

PVC will be the most likely material used to construct sewer pipes. PVC is extremely durable but like all other materials will collect sludge and debris over time.

Necessity for Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Your sewer pipes will have to be maintained just like any other product or home system. If water has began to drain slowly you need to have your system checked. Hydro jetting will remove all of the sludge out of your pipes (including tree roots) without damaging them. Debris will often build up slowly so that you won’t notice it until the problem has grown progressively worse.

Traditional cleaning techniques will not always get the job done but hydro jetting technology will. Mechanical rodding and plungers may help for a while but they normally will not force out every bit of the debris, meaning the pipes will be prone to becoming clogged again.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Jet rodding or hydro jetting forces high pressure water through your sewer system which effectively forces out the blockage and sludge buildup which accompanies it. It restores your pipes to their original new condition. The water is forced through your pipes through use of several concurrent jet streams. This causes it to scrub the pipes simultaneously from several different directions. The action of the water not only forces out debris but scours the grease from inside the pipes.

This method is most effective and causes least damage. This is the primary reason hydro jetting technology is being used for sewer pipe cleaning in Highland Park, Il. It is the best possible option for the variety of pipe construction materials which have been used there used over the years.

This more thorough method of cleaning your pipes results in fewer required cleanings over the lifetime of your sewer system.

If you have any doubts as to the condition of your sewer system schedule a safety check. This will insure that all of the minor problems which develop over the years are be taken care of along with the hydro jet restoration.

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