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Looking for Professional Sewer Repairs Solutions

Looking for Professional Sewer Repairs Solutions

Cast iron sewer pipes have been around for more than three decades, and Antioch IL is no exception. It therefore goes without saying that there is need for regular Professional Sewer Repairs Solutions in Antioch, IL. Sewer pipe might fail due to aging, settling or corrosion. While most of these factors are unavoidable, maintaining the sewer pipes in good condition is almost inevitable. Broken or damaged sewer pipes can be unsettling, whether in a domestic or commercial setup, seamlessly draining water is important for sanitary as well as convenience reasons. We provide professional sewer services repair solutions in Antioch IL and surrounding environments.

Signs That You Need Sewer Repair Solutions

Sewer blockages and backups

If the drainage is blocked or the water backs up causing a mess then you probably need sewer repair. The problem is most probably at the main sewer line, since a successful drain relies on a clear main sewer line. If the backup is periodical and clears with a simple unclogging routine, then the problem is most likely isolated to your drain.

Sewer gas odor

If a crack exists anywhere along the drainage line, then you will most likely experience foul smell around the drainage area or sewer area. The foul smell can be uncomfortable and disturbing, especially in a commercial setup. Sewers are designed to seal the foul smell and if you happen to smell the odor, you might be needing sewer repair solutions.


Common types of mold only require 55% humidity levels to start causing problems. The most common cause of mold is leaking water from broken or cracked pipes. If you spot mold accumulating on the ceiling or wall then you will probably need sewer repair services. Timing is essential, since mold accumulation does not stop up until you stop the out of place water.

Bug and insect infestation

A sudden appearance of insects and bugs might be a sign that you have damaged sewer pipes. Cockroaches and sewer flies are the most commonly unwanted guests, since they love dark places and can pass through even the tiniest of cracks. Cockroaches and bugs are a health hazard especially to children, and their sudden appearance might mean you need sewer repair services.

Prevention, Repair and Control

If you experience any of the above most common signs of sewer damage, the faster you seek solution based measures the better. Waiting will only act to aggravate the situation. So, if you spot that mold starting to accumulate, the first step would be to conduct an inspection. Professional sewer repair services in Antioch IL would be a perfect starting point. Upon thorough inspection, the root cause will be established and repair or replacement work will start. After inspection, the report will highlight the causes of the problem, suggest repair or replacement measures that suit you budget. After solving the drainage problem, we will recommend personalized ways of ensuring your water is draining all year round. We also perform follow-up on demand. This follow-up is meant to fulfill our customer satisfaction policy and ensure you remain leak proof.

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