Top Reasons Why Sewer Lines Break Down in Waukesha, WI

évacuationSewer lines don’t often break down because they are usually built to withstand a lot of usage and to weather the elements, but they are not indestructible. When homeowners and business owners are not careful with their waste disposal and sewer maintenance, a sewer repair in Waukesha, WI may be necessary sooner than expected. There are several reasons why sewer lines can break down, but it usually doesn’t happen all at once, so if you take steps to stop some of the preventable causes you can ensure that your sewer line will last as long as possible.

Food, hair, grease and other household waste can clog sewer lines

You have to be careful when you dispose of grease, hair, and food scraps, because these materials can cause a sewer line clog over time. When they are disposed down the drain they can attach to the walls of the sewer and start to form a clog. The clog can also cause additional damage by putting interior pressure on the walls of the pipe and can cause it to crack, due to water pressure.

Weather and tree root intrusion are also common

Tree root intrusion and the weather are also a common reason why sewer lines break down. Tree roots can travel long distances to your sewer lines and can start to grow within tiny holes. Those holes can start to break open over time and the roots can grow stronger. Tree roots may be attracted to sewer lines because they are warmer and they contain water, and once a small number of roots have broken into the sewer line, they can start to grow dramatically. Roots will extend deep into a sewer line when they get access and they will become almost impossible to remove without tools. To speak to a professional about a sewer repair or to ask questions about the top reasons why sewer lines get clogged, contact Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Service today at 1-866-FELTENR.


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