Drain Cleaning Round Lake

drain cleaningAt Feltner Sewer and Drain Services, we offer professional drain cleaning services to the residents of Round Lake Illinois and the surrounding area. Our drain cleaning methods help our customers avoid the inconvenience of clogs in their drains and protect the pipes from future problems.

The Drains We Clean

Our services are offered for a variety of different pipes in our customer’s homes, ensuring that we will have the equipment and solutions to fix any problem and avoid surprises.

-Kitchen drains are the most frequently clogged drains in a home due to the grease and food particles that are rinsed down the pipes

-Bathroom drains become clogged from hair, soap particles, and toilet paper

-Outdoor drains, such as the downspout drains, can become clogged from outside debris and make it difficult for water to be channeled properly from the root gutter

-Other drains in the laundry room and basement don’t clog as often as the other types of drains, but blockages can still form over time from debris and dirt

These clogs, regardless of their location, all display the same symptoms. The water will drain slowly or a putrid smell will fill your home, and if the blockage is large enough, the sinks and tubs can backup and cause flooding. To prevent these accidents from occurring and resulting in an expensive repair, frequent drain cleanings are encouraged to keep your drains clear of blockages.

Dealing with Drain Problems

At Feltner Sewer, we provide high-quality drain cleaning services that are guaranteed to effectively remove tough clogs and promote clean and efficient pipes. Our most reliable and effective solution is hydro jetting. Our professionals use high pressure water of approximately 5000 PSI to remove clogs and clean the inside of your pipes as well.
This powerful method of cleaning relies purely on water to remove sludge and debris from within the pipes, and we are proud to offer a safe solution that doesn’t include hazardous chemicals of any kind. Hydro jetting keeps the drain pipes clean for months, making clogs less likely to form and keep the flow of sewage and wastewater efficient.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a drain cleaning session, call us or send an email today. At Feltner Sewer, we promise that our services will offer the most effective solutions and keep your pipes problem free for months.

Meet Steve Feltner

What you get when you call Feltner's is clean, friendly, knowledgeable servicemen, state of the art trenchless pipe repair Milwaukee equipment, and our never give up attitude; which is gaining us the reputation as the areas most trusted sewer and drain cleaners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our past, present, and future customers for your valued business and support!

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