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Pipe Bursting Racine, WI

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Racine, WI Pipe Bursting

If your pipe is too damaged for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) or pipe lining, we still offer a trenchless solution that replaces your pipe without needing a backhoe or construction crew. Pipe bursting is an underground method that breaks down the old pipe. It doesn’t take much longer than a day to remove the old pipe and replace it. Because it is a precise process and requires specific equipment, Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services is licensed to perform this method in the Racine area.

Pipe bursting is also a cost-effective process. A brand new pipe is being installed without the higher price that comes with needing a large construction crew and machinery, and you don’t have the additional cost of replacing flowerbeds or grass turf. Instead, pipe bursting only needs a small crew and a short amount of time, and your landscape is generally left intact.

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The Steps Of Pipe Bursting

To begin the process, the technician makes a hole on either side of the desired pipe. Then a new pipe is fitted with a bursting head that slightly larger than the diameter of the original pipe. This new pipe needs to be pulled through the old one, and several different pulling systems can be used such as static pulling system, pneumatic system, cables, and more.

As the new pipe is pulled through, the larger bursting head forces the original pipe to shatter or split open. The bursting head is also created to taper from a narrow tip to a wide base that allows for better control and even rupture of the old pipe. These leaves an even and open space for the new pipe to fit in. Once it is positioned correctly, the bursting head is removed and the pipe is connected to the rest of the system.

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Pipe Bursting Versus Pipe Lining & Its Applications

This differs from the CIPP or lining method because bursting the pipe results in completely shattering the old pipe to fit in a new external one, rather than molding to the interior of the original. The molding works well for pipes that still have a strong structural integrity. But if it is too damaged, completely replacing it through pipe bursting takes away the risk of the original pipe breaking and rupturing water in the future.

Pipe bursting is less labor-intensive and less damaging to the work site than other methods. There isn’t a need for larger machines to dig up the pipe that needs to be replaced, which means less debris and injury to your home or yard. This is also a green solution. Traditionally, excavating for the pipe could result in releasing toxic substances or sewage into the soil. But since digging is not required for pipe bursting, the risk of this is quite low. Pipe bursting also comes with an increased flow capacity, as it is the same size as the original pipe, but without the debris buildup.

Call Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services To Learn More About Pipe Bursting

If you are in the Racine area and are experiencing pipe leaks, cracks, or other damage please call our technicians to discuss which repair option will work best for you. Our staff takes pride in being able to solve your pipe problems quickly and efficiently, and with respect for your home.

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