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Drain Lining Racine, WI

Racine WI plumbing sewer drain

Racine, WI Drain Lining

Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services is offering Racine an updated and contemporary method to fixing your drain, whether it needs to be replaced entirely or simply spot-fixed. Drain lining is a speedy process that gives you results within 24 hours.

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The Traditional Method Versus Drain Lining

The traditional process was inconvenient, needs days to even weeks of construction. This also required excavation in your yard or home, leaving you with an extra bill to repair your landscape or your bathroom. You could even be left without water for several days. Drain lining, however, is a non-invasive process and doesn’t need to waste time creating trenches in your home.

Drain lining rarely requires extensive amounts of digging. All our technicians need is to create a small access point, not a trench, and it isn’t necessary for the original drain to be removed once the process is complete because the lining creates a new pipe within the old. It can also be used to just patch up weakened or cracked portions of the drain.

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The Drain Lining Steps

The pipe lining process begins with a video inspection. This helps the technician identify where the damage is and the extent of it by inserting a rod and waterproof camera. The video feed is sent back to them while on site, which keeps the lining process running smoothly. It also helps the technician identify how the drain lining needs to be adjusted based on the problem that they identify.

After the inspection, a high-pressure water system called hydro jetting is used to clean out the drain. This helps remove any obstructions or old calcification on the walls of the drain, which will help restore it to the original diameter. It also prevents the new lining from forming to the shape of any blockages, which could affect water flow. Then a flexible tube coated with an epoxy substance is inserted into the drain. Once correctly positioned, the tube is inflated so the epoxy is forced against the walls of the drain. Over a period of 24 hours, the epoxy cures and hard ends to form a new pipe and then the sleeve is removed. Our technicians perform a final video inspection and your new drain is fully functional.

Drains up to sixty inches in diameter and several feet in length are still applicable for this method. Drain lining is a versatile process. It can both replace the entire drain by creating a new pipe within it, or simply patch up portions or leaks and comes with a 50-year lifespan. The lining can also be leak, root, and rust resistant, and costs roughly 50% less than other methods. This affordable and efficient process if highly beneficial for your drain needs.

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If you have questions about the condition of your drain and would like to discuss drain lining options, please give us a call at 866-335-8637. Our professional staff is always proud to offer quality work and ensure that your needs are met.

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