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Sewer Lateral Lining Repair Milwaukee

Milwaukee plumbing sewer drain

Milwaukee Sewer Lateral Lining

When a sewer line has been damaged, it causes an array of problems ranging from blocked drains to foul smells and abnormal sounds. Additionally, leaking sewer lines are costly — it’s estimated that leaky plumbing and sewers waste some 1 trillion gallons of water each year!

Luckily, repairing sewer lines has become easier and more efficient than ever, thanks to technologies like sewer lateral lining repair in Milwaukee. Lateral lining and rehabilitation uses trenchless technology to seamlessly repair cracks, leaks and blockage in sewer lines with minimal disruption.

Here’s a look at the three biggest benefits of investing in a sewer lateral rehabilitation in Milwaukee and how this process can repair even the most damaged sewer lines:

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  1. Sewer lateral lining repair in Milwaukee is non-invasive

    Before trenchless technology emerged, sewer repair workers would have to dig massive trenches in the ground to access sewer pipes and perform repairs. Because the average lateral sewer line is about 75 feet long and connects a home to the main sewer line in the middle of the road, this would often require tearing up road pavements, sidewalks, driveways and yards. These days, the best sewer repair companies are able to access sewer lines by digging just one small access hole, preventing traffic disruptions and noisy construction work.

  2. Lateral lining repair and rehabilitation preserves landscaping

    As stated before, today’s lateral lining repairs only require one access hole to be dug. Whereas before, digging a trench to perform a sewer repair might threaten some of your yard’s most beautiful landscaping, trees and plants, you can be guaranteed these will all be preserved with a trenchless repair.

  3. Sewer lateral rehabilitation in Milwaukee is cost-effective

    Because sewer lateral repair and rehabilitation requires fewer pieces of large equipment and tears up less ground, there are immense cost savings associated with this form of sewer repair. Best of all? By having your sewer re-lined, you can be confident its lifespan will be extended for plenty more years to come.

Milwaukee cost affordable pipe payment

With the best sewer lateral rehabilitation Milwaukee has to offer, your sewer lines can be crack-, leak- and break-free, ensuring the highest level of functionality and a longer lifespan for your lateral pipes with virtually no disruption to your everyday life.

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