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Sewer Drain Inspection in Milwaukee

Milwaukee plumbing sewer drain

Milwaukee Sewer Drain Inspection

A leak, clog or backflow can often mean you have a major problem with your sewer drain. You may have difficulties trying to guess the problem, but with Feltner’s sewer drain inspection service in Milwaukee, you don’t have to. Feltner’s is there to make sure that any sewer drain problems in your home are found and dealt with at the source!

Get an inspection if you are concerned about your sewer lines

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It is recommended that you get a sewer drain inspection if you are worried about anything to do with your sewer lines such as blockages, leaks, four odors or other issues. The inspection is a relatively inexpensive, but it is needed in order to fix or find any problems in your sewer drain. Sewer drain inspections have also been known to find lost valuables through such as jewelry or coins.

Sewer Repair in Milwaukee

Modern technology is used for the inspection

A proper sewer drain inspection uses modern technology such as video and photos. If the inspection is done correctly, it should be able to identify the conditions of sewer lines connecting to your home to catch problems such as:

  • Leaks inside and outside of your home causing loss of sewage and improper drainage
  • Blockages and clogs throughout the pipes and in the home, causing backed up water and sewage
  • Tree root invasions that block the drains
  • Sinking/bending pipes that eventually break, leak or cause more damage
  • Corrosion and pipe breakages

Using video inspections, a professional can have the job finished quickly without having to guess where the problem is. A mechanized snake is pushed down the pipe to show exactly where there may be problems. The snake has a camera attached to the end to transmit live video and show the operator where the blockage or other problem is located. No trenches need to be dug and there is no messy cleanup required.

Trenchless services are a great alternative to digging

With trenchless services, the technicians use the latest technology that has recently been designed as an alternate to digging up the sewer lines in the yard. With specialized trenchless sewer repair and inspection equipment, your yard will be protected from damage while your drains and sewer lines get the repairs that they need.

To ensure your drains are running in top shape and no problems are present, call Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Service at 1-866-FELTNER for a sewer drain inspection in Milwaukee. We will give you a free over-the-phone estimate, as well as book a time to come out and inspect your drains and pipes.

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