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Cured in Place Pipe Milwaukee

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Milwaukee CIPP Lining

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) is one of the several forms of trenchless sewer repair and is primarily used to rehabilitate sewer pipes that are already in place. This technology has been in use for about 35 years, with millions of cured in place pipeline installed across the country. CIPP in Milwaukee is one of the most popular ways to fix broken, cracked and failing sanitary or storm sewer pipelines.

That’s because no other form of trenchless pipe repair offers as much structural strength and durability as CIPP can add to an existing pipe. To learn more about the benefits of cured in place pipe for Milwaukee residents, read on:

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How CIPP works

CIPP uses a pipe-within-a-pipe method — a resin-saturated pipe is inverted or pulled through the existing pipe via one access point, typically a manhole or excavated hole. Once in place, the new pipe is cured in place using either hot water, ultraviolet light, ambient curing or steam, essentially bonding it to the inside of the existing, damaged pipe. This results in a seamless, tight-fitting and corrosion-proof pipe replacement.

Sewer Repair in Milwaukee

What CIPP can fix

Cured in place pipe has a variety of uses. This technology has been used in water and sewer lines as well as gas and chemical pipelines. This pipe lining method can be used on virtually any pipe material, including clay, cast iron, PVC, concrete and corrugated metal.

Why choose cured in place pipe in Milwaukee

When compared to the costs of completely replacing a sewer line system, CIPP offers huge cost savings — especially since the amount of labor that would be required to excavate a trench and remove the existing pipes is largely eliminated. Cured in place pipes also have an impressive lifespan of 50 years or more.

Like other forms of trenchless pipe repair, investing in a cured in place pipe in Milwaukee can be the affordable solution one needs to fully rehabilitate any damaged or aging sewer line system.

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