Sewer Camera Inspection Lake Villa, IL

Sewer InspectionSewer camera inspection is one of the services we offer at Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services. The cameras we use are built most especially for underground sewer inspection. A sewer camera is waterproof, which makes it perform its function well when used with hydro jetting service.

Our sewer camera inspection is available to all customers in our serviced areas, including Lake Villa. We allow only the most experienced and well-trained engineers to operate our trenchless technology, including sewer cameras.

The purpose of a sewer camera inspection is to get a real-time view of what is happening inside the pipes. It allows our engineers to decide on the proper solution for customer’s specific need. The monitor displays what the sewer camera captures, which customers can view real-time. The video is also recorded and stored for future reference for our company as well as offered to our customers in CD form. 

By conducting a sewer camera inspection, we help wipe away worries and eliminate guesswork. This simple yet powerful service can tell our engineers how deep a sewer line is and where the exact location of the problem is. This will save us a lot of time when working on a project—convenient for our team as well as our customers.

We recommend conducting an initial inspection before finalizing any decision on repair, replacement, or the complete overhaul of a property. By doing so, the specific defect will be pinpointed and any obstruction can be removed before a repair is undertaken. Sometimes, by just removing an obstruction, the sewer systems will work again as usual. 

What Sewer Camera Inspections Identify
In the process, a sewer camera inspection will assist our operators in identifying what issues a sewer system is having. It shows whether the issue is caused by an overgrown tree root at the property puncturing the pipe or if the material used in the installed pipe is of poor quality. In either case, the pipe has to be replaced. The tree is either cut down and its roots dug out or transplanted to a safe location on the property.

Sometimes, the issues we identify through sewer camera inspection include misaligned pipes causing leaks, or rodent infestations that are not only harmful to the sewer lines as rodents can build nests underground but also hazardous to the health of people living in the property. These are some of the many benefits of conducting a sewer camera inspection; whether it is for the sake of inspection and maintenance or an initial inspection prior to a repair or replacement project.

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At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we pride ourselves on quality customer service and timely project completion. We provide ample guarantees and warranties for our customers because we are confident that we do have all the proper training, experience, licensing, tools and equipment, and the right people in our team that help make excellent work possible to achieve.

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