Sewer Repair Highland Park, IL

sewer-repair-performed-all-nightYou hoped that it will never happen, but a sewer problem eventually does. Especially if your home or commercial property is old and you haven’t done a sewer repair inspection just yet. Good news- Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Service is here and able to provide for all your sewer repair Highland Park, IL needs. We can have your troublesome sewer pipes repaired and back to action on the same day.

Comprehensive Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

A malfunctioning sewer pipe can present some major problems and put your life on hold. Here are some of the more common ones:

Pipe and Drain Issues

Pipes that have cracks and allows water to leak out causes mold and mildew growth underground or in your walls. The property structure weakens due to water wearing away at the foundations. This could also show up on your drains when water heaters and washers suddenly seem to stop working all of a sudden.

Clogged Line and Raw Sewage

Hate how your sinks fill up to overflowing? How about the toilets not properly flushing? A backed-up sewer line can do all these and more. All those bacteria and waste come out to living spaces and present some health hazards for you, your family or your staff and customers. A hydro-jetting service is needed to flush out the clogs and make your sewer line operate normally.

Tree Root Intrusion

Sewer pipes, especially the older ones are prone to invading tree or shrub roots looking for nourishment. They force open the joints and take up residence inside clay, orangeburg or cast iron pipes and grow. From there, they could cause irritating blockages and eventually destroy the pipes from the inside. The worst case scenario is a backing up sewer that flushes out wastewater to your home.

Snaking pipes and rotoring not only allow for more root growth, but they can also cause cracks in your sewer pipe. The damage could be so great that you’ll be forced to replace it.

The New Trenchless Technology

Feldner’s has the latest Sewer Repair Highland Park, IL for those want to have their broken or cracked sewer pipes repaired efficiently and with little to no disruption. Our experienced plumbers can inspect your sewer main using high tech camera equipment and formulate an accurate solution for your sewer line problem. We offer trenchless technology which is beneficial for the residential and commercial owner in so many ways.

A good Highland Park Sewer Repair starts out by clearing any and all kinds of debris off the affected sewer pipe. Then, a 2-part epoxy resin liner is inserted and “cured” when everything is in place. The epoxy resin liner is then hardened, or “cured” to become a whole new pipe within the old pipe. It’s a whole new system that’s root-proof and sealed. You won’t have to put up with extensive trench digging and the destruction of your property.

Most other contractors still use traditional sewer line repair. Now that a newer, no dig solution is available, why suffer through unneeded excavation? With trenchless technology, you can have new-like sewer pipes that can last for more than 50 years. It’s an innovative sewer repair that won’t break the bank!

Call 1-866-FELTNER to get a free estimate and have your sewer lines repaired via trenchless technology today.

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