Sewer Inspection Highland Park, IL

Sewer InspectionRegular cleaning of your drain lines and sewer pipes ensure a properly working plumbing system on residential and commercial properties.

Sewer pipes and water lines don’t last forever. Over time, they fall in disrepair due to age, via root intrusion, by shifting soil and freezing weather. Water pollutants can corrode the pipes down. You’ll start to notice strange smells coming from the toilet, the sink or any drain in the house. One surefire way of knowing that there’s something wrong with your sewer lines are massive flooding and extensive backing up.

But what’s the best way to counter these issues? The key is preventive measures. A Sewer Inspection Highland Park, IL can catch potential sewer piping problems before they can become serious enough to disrupt your daily life and cause extensive property damage.

A Thorough Sewer Inspection and Repair

Our licensed technicians are trained to look for any blockages at any point of your sewer line system. Then, we use advanced machines and all necessary equipment to clear the blockage efficiently. This process can be done without extensive digging. Our state of the art inspection tools accurately determine the cause of a pipe’s problem, which saves residential and commercial property owners a huge amount of time.

Our trained plumbers utilize a high end, fiber optic camera and do a visual inspection of your piping interior. This method is the preferred choice if you want to check for issues in the fastest and most non-destructive way possible. The entire inspection can be completed within an hour. Our plumbers will then feed the video to a compatible laptop to see whether the issue is root intrusion, pinhole leaks, cracked pipes, calcification or corrosion. The same trenchless procedure reveals overall structural integrity and exposes any weaknesses such as cracking or collapsed pipes. Using all these, our plumbers determine and will recommend you the best course of trenchless technology action to get your sewer pipes back in good shape.

Like any professional company, we will provide a fair rate and an assessment. If we get the go signal, trenchless repairs or replacements will start.

We recommend the hydrojetting process to clear out a severely clogged sewer line. As mentioned, hydrojetting clears any kind of debris that has become stuck in your sewer pipes via highly pressurized water. The force pushes any stuck debris out the sewer system, improving the flow of water to a new-like condition.

Trenchless repair can make your sewer pipes good as new. Repiping is the process of replacing your ailing sewer lines, beginning at the water main up to the exterior and interior service pipes. Trenchless technology via repiping is an effective, non-invasive maneuver that puts minimal property disturbance. Sewer pipes and water lines can now last almost forever with a lifespan that goes beyond 50 long, functional years!

Our company is experienced in all kinds of trenchless technology, including a Sewer Inspection Highland Park, IL. Our specialty involves clearing out root intrusions and clearing out blockages so your sewer pipes work good as new. All of this can be done without major excavations and with less time it takes for traditional repair or replacement methods. Call us now to get a free estimate or to learn more about excellent Highland Park sewer inspection, courtesy of Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services.

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