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Drain Cleaning Highland Park, IL

Highland Park IL plumbing sewer drain

Highland Park, IL Drain Clenaing

It’s a rare experience for sewer lines to suddenly act up and cause massive backups, clogging and flooding. You may not notice it, but the underground lines are probably weak from age, cracking or leaking pin holes, which lead to the bigger problems. This is why a Drain Cleaning Highland Park, IL can solve all those annoyances that cause interruptions in the flow of your daily life.

Highland Park IL cost affordable pipe payment

Signs of Sewer Problems

Have you recently noticed any of the following sewer line red flags:

  • Water collecting in and around toilets and drains.
  • Constant backing up.
  • Gurgling sounds when one flushes or uses the drain.
  • Root intrusion.
  • The smell of raw sewage in the drain and sinks.

Root intrusion is when the surrounding bushes and trees invade your sewer pipes in search of nutrition. The act can cause breakage and structural compromise in the joints. The debris and the roots will choke your pipe flow as it thrives, eventually showing itself on your drain. These might start out as small inconveniences, but over time they will cause a huge disruption on residential and commercial properties and its inhabitants.

Most reactions coming from home and business owners are with a plunger, a drain cleaning solution or a snake. Though it could work at first, the sewer line problem usually comes back with a vengeance. Clogs that are deep in the sewer system will require more than that. Hydrojetting is one recommended solution. If the clog is located in the smaller pipe, then a snake should suffice until a better drain cleaning method is employed.

Sewer Repair in Highland Park IL

Locating The Source

Clogs and other problems can come from the secondary line or the main line. Each pipe can exhibit different problems depending on their condition. Older houses are more likely to have iron pipes installed; these iron pipes are prone to mineral buildups. You could see visible PVC pipes in and around the walls, but they might not be the pipe material underground.

Our expert plumbers can utilize drain cleaning services on any piping material you might have. We utilize the best and the most innovative plumbing solutions for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Any guesswork is eliminated when a high tech fiber optic camera is inserted into your sewer lines. The video is fed to a laptop computer or any compatible device. From there, our licensed technicians recommend the best course of action for your home or business establishment. Repiping, hydrojetting and pipe bursting are some of the services that will fix your sewer pipe issues within just one day.

Our company knows that sewer pipe problems aren’t planned for, and this is why we respond promptly to save us both time and precious resources. We are available for 247 emergency plumbing repairs. Our Drain Cleaning Highland Park is sure to resolve all your sewer line concerns and result in 100% customer satisfaction. Our expert plumbers are also trained in the latest trenchless technology repair and replacement methods. We can save you time and your precious landscape by employing a no-dig method that will make your sewer pipes operating again in just a few hours. Call Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Service for your Highland Park Drain Cleaning today.

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