What Causes Damaged Sewer Lines in Gurnee, IL?

évacuationThere can be several different causes of damaged sewer lines, and whatever the cause may be, you may have to request a sewer repair in Gurnee, IL for your business or your home. Some of the causes of damaged sewer lines are unavoidable, as they are the result of nature or the result of having outdated or older sewer lines. In other cases the causes are avoidable, and both types of causes will be discussed in this article.

Unavoidable causes of sewer damage

Tree roots can grow into sewer lines and break them down and cause clogs. Some materials are more susceptible to tree root damage, while others are more resilient. For instance, sewer lines that are susceptible to corrosion can collapse or may be more prone to tree root invasion in areas where they have broken open. Some materials like ABS or PVC piping can break down from water that is too hot and they may be more sensitive to temperature damage. A sewer repair in Gurnee, IL for this type of damage should address the cause of the damage and use a material that will be more resilient.

Avoidable causes of sewer damage

In other cases, there are avoidable causes of sewer damage that can be prevented with proper plumbing maintenance. Fordrain-cleaning-and-repair-gurnee-illinois example, flushing boiling water down a sewer line can cause damage to some types of materials, as mentioned above. Flushing chemicals or corrosive compounds down a drain can also cause damage to the environment and to the sewer line.

Flushing grease or other compounds that can cause clogs and blockages can cause sewer deterioration and damage. Following appropriate waste disposal guidelines can prevent much of this type of damage. For more information about sewer damage and sewer repair in Gurnee, IL, contact Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Service at 1-866-FELTNER.


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