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Sewer Camera Inspection Chicago, IL

Chicago IL plumbing sewer drain

Chicago, IL Sewer Camera Inspection

Homeowners and business owners will no longer have to endure the destruction of their yard just to find out what’s wrong with their plumbing. At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we offer a newer, better way to inspect your pipes without damaging your property. Trenchless technology sewer camera inspection is an innovative way to discover any specific issues with your drain lines. Moreover, a visual inspection serves as basis for a truly accurate diagnosis.

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How Our Pipe Inspection Works In Chicago, IL

Traditional drain line troubleshooting is outdated, crude and causes a lot of property damage. Our expert technicians can begin the line inspection with an open cleanout or manhole. This allows us to insert the equipment and assess the situation with real-time visual feedback.

Trenchless pipe inspection can be used on any kind of pipe diameter because the micro camera fits through even the smallest pipe. Moreover, we won’t have any issues with the length of the sewer system as our cables can run hundreds of feet and check every nook and cranny of your sewer system.

Our professionals at Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services can be trusted. Our company is transparent and can show you exactly what’s going on inside your lines. Using a monitor above ground, we can see through bends, curves and get to the deepest part to find the exact reason why you’re having plumbing problems.

A thorough sewer camera inspection can reveal a variety of problems, such as:

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Sags and bellied pipes
  • Offset and misaligned pipes
  • Deteriorated and aging pipes
  • Tree root damage

Once the inspection is done we will come up with a written report containing pertinent details, descriptions and images of the issues in your pipes. We’ll also suggest several recommendations on how to best resolve the problem.

Sewer Repair in Chicago IL

Save Money & Time With Timely Inspections

If you’re suspecting that something’s wrong with your pipes but don’t know the nature or the exact location, hire a professional technician for a timely trenchless inspection. Regular inspection can prevent you from having to call in a plumber time and again. A single leak, when left over time can cause considerable structural damage, water contamination and molds.

Once the inspection is completed you’ll have a visual on what the exact issue is and a quote to have it fixed. At Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services, we guarantee no-dig solutions for pipe repairs and replacement using trenchless technology. A final camera inspection is done to ensure the same issue won’t bother you again.

Call Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services To Have Your Sewer System Inspected Today

If you want the best sewer camera inspection in Chicago, IL, come to us and we will help you. Our company has the latest equipment and knowledge in diagnosing your specific sewer line problem. Our technicians can help unclog your pipes in no time. We can also do trenchless repairs without having to reschedule. You won’t have to waste any more time and can get back to your daily routine in just a few hours. Call Feltner’s Sewer and Drain Services if you want the fastest solution that lasts a long time.

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