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Sewer Repair Antioch, IL

Antioch IL plumbing sewer drain

Antioch, IL Sewer Repair

When life flows smoothly, it is easy to forget those minor irritations, such as the sink that won’t drain quickly, the toilet that overflows and the kitchen sink that just started leaking, that eventually can become major problems. The days pass slowly but the years fly by. In the blink of an eye, your pipes are decades old and it is up to you to get them fixed or replaced.

Antioch IL cost affordable pipe payment

If you’re struggling with which method to choose to repair your plumbing issues then consider these trenchless sewer repair benefits:

Higher quality piping material: Trenchless sewer repair uses cure-in-place liners or seamless polyethylene piping. Either option will hand you better workmanship because this piping eliminates the need for joint-free piping. It deals with the problem of invasive tree roots, cracks and offset piping, which later becomes a serious problem for the plumbing system.

In addition, materials resist corrosion and rust in poor weather, unlike other piping materials. Because of better workmanship, your sewer line will have less chance of needing future repairs, and it improves how the sewer functions overall. The pipe liner increases the flow capacity and the newer piping uses trenchless methods to achieve its goals.

Dismantle the ticking time bomb: Whenever repairs involving your sewer arise, the worst way to address the problem is to wait. A blockage can cost you thousands of dollars, and when it breaks, it can cause a drainage backup. That means the basement might flood in addition to the piping problems.

A technique that employs the best technology: Trenchless technology eliminates the necessity of heavy equipment and using numerous techniques. With this technique, the technician only digs a couple small holes to finish the task. After that, a video camera lets personnel work remotely on the small holes in the ground, and it’s the least invasive technique available in the industry for repairing sewer systems.

Environmentally friendly solution: As a more appealing alternative to the traditional repair method, trenchless technologies employs techniques and equipment to replace your sewer line. It doesn’t cause ecological damage, and our trenchless methods remove the need to dig up the earth. Digging is minimal so it’s actually safer because the major digging associated with other methods unearths dangerous toxins and releases them into the air, harming residents and business owners alike.

Eliminates landscaping fees: When you have intensive excavation on your property, it can cause a mess. Going with the trenchless method off the bat means you don’t have to spend extra money on fixing your yard.

Lifetime guarantee—almost: Trenchless sewer repair replaces your faulty system in a safe and efficient matter. This method will last at least 50 years.

Improve the plumbing flow: Cured in place pipe has become a popular choice in the plumbing world, and because it remains flexible when applied, the infused resin sets after its installment and makes for a solid pipe. The water and waste flow through the line in a freer fashion.

Sewer Repair in Antioch IL

Understanding if trenchless sewer repair is right for you may seem daunting, but that’s where Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services comes in. We can help you figure out the best solution and we guarantee we can get it done right.

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