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5 Ways to Prevent Backed Up Pipes

Home and business owners may not know there’s a malfunction in their plumbing until it’s too late. Sewage backing up into property is a disruption of daily life until it’s resolved by an expert technician. Worse, the presence of molds and bacteria can make you, your family members or customers sick.

Here are 5 easy ways to prevent backed up pipes:

1. Monitor What’s Tossed Down The Drain

There are some debris and compounds that can instantly worsen how your drains operate. These include coffee grounds, cooking oil, sauces, egg shells, and bones. Remember that sewer pipes can’t handle large items that are hard to dissolve, and if they get stuck you’ll be experiencing flow impedance or blockages. Dispose of lard properly or it will cause a narrowing of pipe diameter.

2. Don’t Flush These Items

Toilets are only good for flushing down human waste and thin toilet papers. This means you should never flush paper towels, feminine products, diapers, toys and other solid household items. A good rule to remember is that if can’t be easily disintegrated, it’s not fit for flushing. Keep a small waste bin handy in the bathroom or beside the toilet to dispose of unflushable items property and help prevent major plumbing emergencies.

3. Add Drain Covers

Clogs can turn into sewer backups if you’re not careful. Do some preventive maintenance by adding strainers or drain baskets to catch the larger debris while you’re cleaning plates, bowls and dishes. In the bathroom, a drain cover can catch hair and is one of the most affordable solutions around.

4. Install A Preventive System

Invest in a sewer backflow system to keep waste and toxic water from going back to your residential or commercial property.

5. Schedule A Professional Inspection Today

Schedule regular sewer inspections to ensure that your drains and pipelines are in good condition. Instead of using store-bought chemical drain cleaners or using snakes and augers, you can call a professional technician to have your drains inspected using trenchless technology. At Feltner’s Sewer & Drain, we use no dig solutions to inspect and clean sewer systems, making it good as new.

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