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How To Prepare Your Illinois Pipes For Winter

Some of the most common service calls during winter in Illinois are about frozen pipes. Water, when left inside the line expands and causes undue pressure in cold temperature. Your pipes crack, then burst and emergencies happen.

At Feltner’s Sewer & Drain, we’re committed to help our customers prevent pipe damage whenever the winter season comes. Here’s how to prepare your Illinois pipes for the upcoming cold:

Shut Off Water Flow On Outside Connections

Drain your outdoor pipes of all water, then prevent any incoming water source by turning the indoor valve off before winter comes. This is the best method for preventing any water leaks causing untimely damage to your plumbing.

Keep The Heat In Using Insulation

Make a checklist of possible sections of pipe that will be under constant exposure to extreme cold. For example, swimming pool lines, water sprinkler lines and outdoor water faucets and fixtures and pipes that are located in unheated areas (garages, attics, crawl spaces and basements). Pipe foam insulation, heat tape or heat cables controlled by a thermostat can keep the temperature constantly up to keep the pipes safe.

Keep The Water Flowing

Turn on the faucet enough that there’s a slow trickle of water running through the lines. Keep it on until the cold snap passes to prevent the liquid from freezing.

Maintain Constant Temperature Day and Night

While it may be tempting to lower the temp as you turn in for the night, having a constant temperature prevents surprises when drops catch you off guard and freezes your pipes.

Consider A Remodel

Check your house for ill-fitting doors or windows with broken seals that could cause precious heat to escape. If you’re constantly beset by frozen pipes, it may be better to consider having your line rerouted to areas that are warmer.

Feltner’s Sewer & Drain experts can help winterize your plumbing and prepare your system for the upcoming winter season. Using industry-leading techniques, we will inspect your pipes for possible leaks, damage, and weaknesses, including appliance hoses and other equipment. When faced with an emergency, give us a call and our team will promptly arrive to provide fast and professional service.

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