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How To Prepare Your Illinois Pipes For Winter

With winter comes sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and if you’re not careful or prepared, burst pipes. Frozen pipes are commonly caused by three things, and here’s how you can prevent them from happening:

  1. Sudden Plummeting Temperature
  2. A drop in temperature can turn water into solid ice quickly. Make sure you protect your pipes by draining all water from the outdoor pipes and disconnecting the hoses. Turn off access to incoming water as well via the shutoff valve. If you’re experiencing severe cold, turn the tap and allow a trickle of water to shield your plumbing from being frozen.

    Locate leaks and seal them off immediately. You will want to close the garage doors especially if they house water supply lines. Ensure that cold air can’t easily get inside the house and do damage to your pipes.

  3. Poor or Inadequate Insulation
  4. Focus your attention on exposed pipes. There are inexpensive methods for insulating your pipes- use insulation or caulk, for instance. Inspect and add pipe insulation in rooms such as attics and crawl spaces.

    You can get thermostat-controlled heat cables or heat tape for pipes that are susceptible to freezing. You may also use fiberglass or foam rubber sleeves, which can be found at your local hardware store.Finally, open up the cabinet doors to allow heat to get to any exposed pipes under appliances and sinks.

  5. The Thermostat Is Set Too Low
  6. Most of us has a habit of turning down the heat when we go to sleep. But the problem is that the danger of your pipes freezing and bursting is greatest when the temperature drops overnight. You could insulate your pipes to prepare for winter only to find that you need more consistent temperatures at night in order to protect your plumbing system.

    The best way to prevent your pipes from bursting is to keep the temperature constant. If you’re going on a trip and expecting colder weather, set the thermostat to no lower than 55 or 60 degrees. This way, you won’t have to deal with a burst pipe and the repair costs that come with it.

Call the most trusted company in Illinois to help you prepare for the upcoming winter today. Our team here at Feltner’s is always available to answer and provide prompt services.

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