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How Ground Freezing Affects Your Pipes

Are your pipes prone to freezing during the winter season? As the water inside the lines expands, the weak sections of the pipe can crack or develop holes. Moreover, your water service underground is particularly susceptible due to the penetration of frost. Thawing and freezing cycles cause soil movement and can be especially hard on your sewer lines.

The depth of freeze can depend on several factors, including how cold the temperature is and how long it is. The longer the freeze, the deeper it goes into the ground, sometimes even reaching service lines and putting them at risk. The cold water then enters the city water distribution system, and it only requires a few drops in degrees to put it well past freezing point. Even as the sun goes up the cold goes deep and stays well underground, resurfacing as frost in the middle of the night. Because of this it is possible for service lines to stay frozen for weeks on end.

How Your Pipes Become Frozen

The cold water in your pipes become even colder when the ground becomes frozen. In instances where you’re not using it, or when it gets shut off during night time, the temperature drops further and freezes the remaining water contained within. When this happens you won’t get a proper flow, and sometimes water won’t come through when you turn the faucet. Homeowners and commercial owners will have to wait until the pipes thaw until they can use them again. As the service lines thaw, water comes through at high pressure, which can lead to a lot of trouble, including cracking, leaks, and burst pipes. The location of these breaks can be anywhere, including your basement, crawl space, attic, walls or ceiling.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

At Feltner’s Sewer & Drain, we can prevent untimely disasters from taking place, thereby saving you significant time and money. Before the winter season comes, there are a few precautionary steps you can take to prevent experiencing a burst, cracked or frozen pipes, including insulation, running a trickle and ensuring your pipes are in good shape via a camera inspection.

Call the Feltner’s team if you suspect frozen or burst pipes for prompt, excellent service. You can rely on our 247 emergency repair service to prevent further flooding and property damage.

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