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How Expensive Is It To Repair Pipes With Trenchless Technology?

When you experience a big problem with your pipes and a plumbing company comes out to diagnose, it may be hard to hear that you need a repair or even a full replacement when you’re given an invoice with a copy of the price or estimate. Call Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services for the assurance that the price you’re given is the price you’ll pay- we won’t give you any unexpected surprises or upcharges if we can avoid it, and since we offer 247 emergency service, no matter what crisis you’re in, we’re here for you.

When compared to traditional repairs, trenchless technologies are the way to go

About fifteen to twenty years ago, trenchless technologies were invented and started getting popular in the plumbing/underground sewer world.

Traditional repairs are extensive and complicated for various reasons, including:

  • Require city permissions and licenses
  • Take 6-8 weeks to complete
  • Require a massive trench to complete, causing property damage and damage to city property
  • Require the use of heavy machinery such as backhoes
  • Oftentimes require families, business, or industrial buildings to evacuate and move locations during the entirety of the project
  • Are not a guarantee
  • Do not always fix the problem
  • Can take months to repair (from the property damage alone)
  • Don’t necessarily only bother landscape (plants, shrubbery, etc.) but can also affect hardscaping like concrete patios, wood decks, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Oftentimes cost upwards of $20,000 when all is said is done

The high price tag is not just because of the cost of the labor alone- that’s including the repairs necessary for landscape/hardscape repairs, paying for licenses, moving costs, etc. Because traditional repairs and replacements are so costly and so inconvenient for both plumbing companies and all their customers and clientele, trenchless technologies were invented and are used for a variety of repairs and replacements.

Trenchless technologies offer many benefits, including:

  • Do not require city permissions or licenses
  • Take 1-3 days to complete
  • Do not rely on trenches to complete; usually use established entry points like storm drains, etc.
  • Come with their own equipment that does not cause additional harm to client or city property
  • Does not require families or businesses to move themselves elsewhere
  • Usually fix the problem for 30+ years
  • Oftentimes cost less than $250 per foot replaced/repaired (in the case of lining, the most typical type of repair)

Trenchless repairs are cheaper because they cost less in terms of labor costs and time.

Call Feltner Sewer & Drain Services at (1-866) 335-8637 for your trenchless pipe repair today!

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