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Highland Park Sewer Inspection: When Sewer Inspection is the Way to Go!

It might be hard for you to believe, but few city pipes and connections are actually up to code. Even worse, property owners are responsible for any sewer lines between their building or home and the city main line. Many lines are broken, offset, root-infested, freeze-damaged or worse- and in drastic need of repair. In these situations, Highland Park Sewer Inspection is the right way to go to save you time and money associated with property damage inside your home or business in the future. If sewer pipes or other water lines break, this can lead to thousands of dollars of property damage (or more), as well as the time lost for any business that might need to operate despite damages.

Highland Park Sewer Inspection is the right way to go for your home or business because most insurance companies will pay for repairs, cleanup, and restoration; but repair and replacement is often excluded from policies (because they expect you to get it checked out).

Remember to Ask for a Specific Sewer Inspection

It’s important to note that home inspections don’t always include structural integrity inspections, as well as inspections of sewer lines, septic lines or even additions or garages. By implementing these types of inspections beforehand, you can make a more proactive, innovative approach to your problem, implementing any buying decisions in a manner that best protects your assets; keeping repairs as minimal as possible so that you can negotiate prices to get the best overall value for services that you’ll eventually need.

Our Highland Park sewer professionals are up to date with all of the most recent technologies, implementing approaches that push fiber optic rods down into your sewer line. Our cameras then locate any issues from transmission of signals between the camera and our digital locator (that’s located with our technician). This ensures that we find the exact location, size, and types of issues that you might face to reduce your overall costs and save you money.

Ask About Pricing and “Included Services,” Too

Pricing can range a lot depending on the company you contract. The most reputable companies charge flat fees (usually without fees for accessing vent spaces or crawl spaces). You sometimes have to specify that you’re interested in septic or sewer “lateral inspections” to get the best services every time. If you’re interested in plumbing or other services with a company, you can often get the services for free, because of additional costs associated with a job.

When is Sewer Inspection a Good Idea?

You might not think that your home needs it if it’s relatively new or in fairly good condition, but your house might need an inspection regardless (even if you don’t have slow drains). Many homes have hidden problems that you never detect until failure; and many of these pipes hold a huge amount of highly pressurized water (that can dispense as much as 10 gallons or more in just a minute. Highland Park Sewer Inspection is the right way to go when you want to protect your home- even if you don’t notice your drains acting slow, gurgling, or being sluggish.

Call Highland Park For a Sewer Inspection Today!

Call us today or fill out a quote form online to see what we can do for you! Don’t wait until your pipes burst and your house is ruined to fix your pipes! Our sewer inspection services can save you a fortune over the long run.

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