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Help! My Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover Replacing Sewer Lines!

Here’s a nightmare scenario: you finally decide to buy your own home. You and your family are all moved in. The mortgage payments aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth the cost. Then, your toilets stop flushing, or even worse, raw sewage starts backing up into your basement or yard.

You call the first local plumbing contractors you can find, who tell you they can’t fix the problem without completely replacing sewer lines. Now you’re on the hook for thousands of dollars of plumbing services, and your driveway, prized deck and backyard need to be excavated. And, surprise, your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the cost at all.

It’s a nightmare scenario that’s all too common for U.S. homeowners. That’s because too many first-time homeowners fail to realize that they’re responsible for all the water and sewer lines servicing their property, even if those sewer lines extend beyond your property line. And what seemed like an ordinary plumbing problem is now a full-blown emergency.

If you live in an older home, then chances are you depend on ancient cast iron pipes that could break down at any moment. And when they do, you’ll be on the hook for either partial sewer lateral lining repair or replacing sewer lines altogether.

Relax: There Is Another Way…

We know the cost of replacing sewer lines can seem immense, but they’re well worth the investment. When properly installed, a sewer should last at least 40 years.

We know that it’s easy to take your plumbing for granted, until your water stops running, or worse, your sewer starts running the wrong way (and yes, our Milwaukee drain cleaners see this on a regular basis). It’s easy to forget that the average family of four will use 400 gallons of water every single day (per the EPA). And if 400 gallons seems like a lot, just remember that environmental research shows that a typical U.S. home loses between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons of water from common leaks alone.

But even though you have to replace your sewer lines, that doesn’t mean you have to tear up your yard to do it. There are a number of trenchless pipe replacement and repair options available, depending on your particular plumbing situation.

First, it’s crucial to get a proper sewer camera inspection from licensed, reputable, no dig sewer repair experts. Your sewer video inspection may find simple problem, like tree roots invading your pipes or a nasty clog, so that second opinion could save you thousands.

But if you do need to replace sewer or water lines, then trenchless pipe repair is usually your best option. Using either pipe bursting technology or the latest epoxy pipe lining, our trenchless plumbing services can create a new jointless pipe-within-a-pipe inside your existing pipes.

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