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Gear up For The Winter With These 3 Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips

The pleasant fall chill is quickly turning into a harsh freeze. And when it comes to your plumbing, you know what that means: it’s time to get serious. Otherwise, you could be facing damages and costly plumbing services. In fact, damage from water and freezing account for around 22% of homeowners insurance claims, averaging at a little over $4,000 per claim.

But worry not. Here are three tips that will help you (and your pipes!) survive the winter:

Insulate Your Pipes

If you didn’t have a coat or sweater on during the winter, your body would freeze, right? The same logic can be applied to your pipes. When outdoor temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, pipes that lack insulation are more likely to freeze and break. And even the smallest cracks prove to be dangerous. A “tiny” one-eighth inch crack can spew around 250 gallons of water per day, posing serious risks of flooding and damage to your home and belongings.

Take Care For Winter Vacations

So you’ve managed to escape the ghastly winter weather on a fun-filled family vacation. Congratulations! But while you’re busy soaking up the sun, it’s important to safeguard your home to ensure that your pipes are safe and protected from bursting. When you leave your home for a long period of time, do not turn off the heat. Instead, leave it on at a low temperature. This will keep your home and pipes just warm enough without hiking up your utility bills. Besides, the last thing you want is to return from a warm sunny vacation to a home with a burst pipe and a ruined plumbing system.

Leave it to the Experts

When it comes to pipe lining, leaks, and all other plumbing concerns, it’s best to call upon plumbing contractors to help you with the job. Professional plumbing services have the knowledge and know-how to ensure that your pipes are ready for winter. And in the case of a problem, professionals have innovative solutions, such as epoxy pipe lining and trenchless pipe repair technology that will take the inconvenience and mess out of your repair job.

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