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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my floor drain gurgle or make noises when I run water?

A: This is usually a sign that your sewer is blocked and needs prompt attention to avoid a sewer backup in your basement.

Q: What does it mean when my toilet won’t flush all the water out of the bowl or will only drain down slowly?

A: This usually is caused by a foreign object blocking the toilet. However if this happens in a basement level toilet it could be an indication that your sewer is blocked.

Q: I’ve had my sewer cleaned several times this year yet the problem keeps coming back. What could the problem be?

A: Your problem could be one of several things.

#1 Severe tree roots have penetrated the sewer lateral and they are not being properly removed by simply rodding the sewer. This may require hydro-jetting to remove all roots, sludge, and excess debris.

#2 The sewer lateral may be cracked, off- set or separated underground. This would allow dirt, rocks, and other foreign matter to enter your sewer and block the line. To determine if this has happened to your lateral the line should be video inspected to diagnose the problem.

#3 The sewer lateral may not have the proper pitch due to settling or soil erosion. This would cause the line to not drain properly to the city sewer. When this happens, excessive sludge and scale build up in the pipe preventing waste material from completely exiting the lateral.

Q: What would I see if I had my sewer video inspected?

A: You should expect to see the inside of your entire sewer from the cleanout in the basement to the connection to the main in the city street.

NOTE: The sewer line must be cleaned first if it is blocked. If it is not cleaned out first all you will be able to see upon video inspection is dirty water.

Q: What is hydro-jetting?

A: This is form of drain cleaning that uses high pressure water to remove all roots, scale, sludge, and build up from the sewer lateral. The force of the water flushes everything that was blocking the sewer to the city main.

Q:What is power rodding?

A: This is another form of drain cleaning that utilizes an electric motor turning a drum holding a steel cable which has a cutter on the end of the cable to cut tree roots or penetrate other blockages in pipes.

Q:How often should I clean my sewer?

A: Typically most homes built before 1980 will be 6” clay tile and should be cleaned once a year.

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