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Diagnose Sewer Line Problems with a Camera Inspection

There are many things that can adversely affect your sewer lines. Tree roots can grow into them and create blockages, food and other waste can form clogs, and sewer lines themselves can actually collapse. The last problem is sometimes known to be an issue easily, if there is a collapsed area above the sewer line in the soil. This doesn’t always happen above ground, though, and even if it does, it might not always show any other existing problems on either of the two ends of the area of the collapsed pipe.

The best way to diagnose sewer line problems is to have a camera inspection carried out. The camera is attached to a snake that can be run through the sewer line, from the home’s entry point, or through the exit point at the main sewer line. Having photographic evidence of where leaks and clogs are can be helpful in proving others may have had a part in causing the damage. This is especially true in the case of nearby construction that may have broken a sewer line.

When the problem is only a clog or invasive tree roots, after adequate cleaning procedures are carried out and finished, another camera inspection can assure homeowners that the work adequately solved the problem. When repairs are made, the same is true. Any problems with the installation of liners can also be diagnosed and remedied before they can create problems later.

A camera inspection is a quick and easily conducted way to determine what is wrong with a sewer line before repairs are made. It can spot unforeseen problems, especially when more than one problem exists. This is often the case in many homes, and while some methods are sufficient for certain problem types, others aren’t fixed with the same method. Root killer for tree roots invading cracks won’t work for greasy clogs elsewhere in the same line – these need to be removed another way.

Sewer line inspections with a camera can also be useful when buying or selling a home or business. Sellers can always have an inspection done to not only find problems so they can be repaired prior to listing a property, but the final camera inspection’s video can be used to show potential buyers that the property has been well-maintained. Buyers who rely on this approach can find assurance in knowing that a third party has conducted the inspection and that the property they are investing in is as good as they’ve been told.

No matter the reasons for having a camera inspection conducted on a sewer line, one should always have this done when there is a lined pipe installed. Snaking after installation of lined pipes have cured can void their warranties, so this must be done one final time. Afterward, only hydro-jetting is advisable to clear any clogs or blockages inside of lined sewer pipes. This video should be kept with the property’s records permanently.

For unlined sewer pipes, camera inspections can show problems that aren’t visible without excavation, saving a great deal of time, money, and frustration. With a camera viewing the interior of the problematic sewer line, all problems are visible. The interior of a pipe is much more important when it comes to sewers than the exterior is, as this is where all of the waste water travel through. Holes and cracks of the exterior can be seen from the interior, negating the need for an inspection of the outside of the pipe. Repairs with liners will also be placed on the interior, not the exterior.

Plumbers today rely on camera inspections instead of excavations to detect problems. It’s always less intrusive, less costly, and less time-consuming than other methods, but always much more thorough. Bends and joints can be shown, allowing plumbers to know exactly where to dig for inserting replacement pipes during a bursting method installation, as this method cannot go around corners like liners are able to do. Camera inspections can provide countless benefits by uncovering hidden aspects of buried sewer lines in need of repair.

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