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Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Kenosha

The worst thing you can do if you have a faulty sewer is to wait. Breaks or blockages in your sewer line should not hold on; they are urgent plumbing problems. They can lead to flooding of the basement as a result of drains to back up. Trenchless technology is an environmentally friendly technique that provides a quick and cheap method of replacing and fixing sewer lines.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology

Trenchless technology is an innovative approach that has gotten rid of heavy equipment during sewer repairs. The technology does not involve using many technicians and heavy machines. With this technology, a technician just needs to dig small holes to complete the task. In the past professionals would spend hours digging a trench along the faulty pipes to replace or repair them. That means they would spend several hours; hence, it would end up being costly. The old technology would also destroy landscape and lawns.

However, all that changed with the innovation of trenchless sewer repair. With this method, technicians excavate two small holes at the end of each line. They do all that without digging up large sections of the lawn or yard.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Saves Time and Convenience

Trenchless sewer line replacement eliminates the need to dig up gardens, driveways, lawn, walkways, trees and other exterior parts. It saves time, unlike the traditional method where the repair technician would spend hours digging. It cuts on labor hours. The method is convenient because it takes a shorter time than the conventional method. A homeowner does not have to haul water manually or move to another house awaiting completion of the repair task.

Saves Money

Repairing sewer line using trenchless technique is not costly because the structural modification is not necessary. You do not require digging equipment because the expert only requires two holes. Minimal digging reduces costs like clean-up costs. The trenchless method also means less manual labor and fewer technicians. Therefore, labor costs are cut down since the exercise does not require many technicians. The task is completed faster unlike the traditional sewer repair method.

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional sewer repair encourages removal and destruction of sound elements in your home or yard. Realize that most of the items destroyed cannot be recovered. For instance, if you cut trees that are along your sewer line then you cannot recover them again unless you replant them. You can preserve your sewer line and still repair the issues at hand efficiently. The trenchless method makes use of specialized equipment that works well without causing ecological damage. Homeowners can now relax since they need not worry about affecting aesthetic value of your home.

Less Intrusive

Digging your yard is unpleasant. During that process, homeowners are left without plumbing for a period. However, trenchless sewer repair takes a short time so you will not have to stay without plumbing in your home. Trenchless repair technique encourages privacy in your home. It reduces the need for technicians to access the interior of a home during the renovation exercise.


The trenchless technology uses epoxy resin and perma-liner solutions, unlike the traditional method that uses plastic or metal pipes. The solutions used during a trenchless sewer repair exercise for mending purpose have a higher performance. They have a lifespan of more than 50 years. The solutions offer a permanent solution. Therefore, they prevent future sewer line damages from happening.

Safety First

Trenchless technology is invasive. Digging brings out toxins to the surface meaning it causes pollution. Such toxins could be poisonous so they are unhealthy for people to breathe in and could cause health issues. The holes are also hazards because they pose the danger of individuals falling inside them. However, with trenchless technology the chances of harmful substances infiltrating your water supply or anywhere else are few.

Repair Methods Under Trenchless Technology

It entails several techniques, and they have one thing in common, which is no-dig repair. A sewer repair technician will first inspect the drain by using remote sewer camera inspection systems. The camera will then give a live video feed to a screen, giving the problem. That enables the technician in Kenosha to distinguish the problem then choose the appropriate trenchless sewer repair technique. Here are some of the techniques:

• Pipe Bursting

• Moling

• Relining with Cured-in-Place Pipe

• Inversion Lining

• Pull-in-Place Lining

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